This section of my personal site is an up to date page detailing what i'm up to right now in short form bullet points.  

My site is never as current as I want it to be, so when I saw the “Now page” trend happening (started by Derek Sivers) and later adopted by Tobias Van schneider I decided to give it a shot.

​So here we go 🤘🏻
Dipping my toes into generative art using AI and developing a mashup of Wes Anderson scenes. Check them out here.

Creating an entire fictional website using only AI tools and nocode. Coming soon.

Looking for a new Product Management role. Learn more about me here.
Using Chat GPT-3 to assist me creating a model for product validation

Creating the outline of my product validation course

Migrating my newsletter from Revue (RIP) to Substack
Reading the Almanack of Naval Ravikant

Consuming a lot the ‘Founders’ podcast.

Working on my 2023 goals and reviewing progress of 2022.

Growing Beta Directory newsletter and Twitter account

Holding weekly Creator Club virtual meetups

Learning Webflow interactions

Pondering creating vs consuming