This section of my personal site is an up to date page detailing what i'm up to right now in short form bullet points.  

My site is never as current as I want it to be, so when I saw the “Now page” trend happening (started by Derek Sivers) and later adopted by Tobias Van schneider I decided to give it a shot.

​So here we go 🤘🏻
Joined Stacker as a PM

Gave Twitter a rest for a couple of weeks

Added two new free downloadable resources on my site

Reached £500 MRR
Completed a 2021 personal retrospective and 2022 plan - inspired by Dickie Bush

Read the ‘Minimalist Entrepreneur’ by Sahil Lavingia

Updated the Notion Template Kit Pack using Popsy
Replaced my old Macbook Pro battery myself to save a buck

Got a puppy!

Complete my dream desk setup
Secured three months of sponsorship for the Creator Club newsletter

Working on an outline for a new course

Bought a new house