A 90's internet surfer with a passion within the intersection of technology and business. By day I'm a Product Manager for early-stage tech startups and by night I build small online businesses and experiment with my ideas.

I'm currently focused on writing my personal newsletter, scouring the world wide web for the latest beta products and experimenting with a number of other small online projects and sharing in public on Twitter.

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I've had a somewhat unconventional path to finding my career in the tech sector but I wouldn't change it for the world. Previously, I worked in the environmental & engineering sector as a Project Manager. Through creating various online side projects over the years in my spare time, I then decided to pivot my career into the tech sector working as a Product Manager.

"I decided to pursue a career helping others bring their tech ideas to life - and I haven't looked back since."
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In my spare time I create and experiment with small online bootstrapped business. Some of which have been acquired.

Currently I'm developing my web design skills building a newsletter
advising  startups generative art

My other interests include personal finance, Fintech, investing, reading, crypto & web3, AI, writing, software design, emerging technologies and business.

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Current Role

I'm currently a Senior Product Manager at Skyscanner. On the side I search for early-stage non-technical founders as a venture scout for F+L , consult early stage founders how to validate their conceptual ideas, write a monthly newsletter and tinker with side projects.

Previously, I worked as a Senior Product Manager at Softr and Stacker. Prior to that, I was the Lead Product Manager at Founder + Lightning, a startup studio creating some of London's most exciting tech startups.

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Product strategy
no code
web design
content marketing