Hi, my name is Sam Dickie. Welcome to my personal site 👋

This site was a bit of an experiment to learn web design and also aggregate all my experiments, learnings, projects and writings over the years.

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I've had a somewhat unconventional path to finding my career in the tech sector but I wouldn't change it for the world. Previously, I worked in the environmental & engineering sector as a Project Manager. Through creating various online side projects over the years in my spare time, I then decided to pivot my career into the tech sector working as a Product Manager.

"I decided to pursue a career helping others bring their tech ideas to life - and I haven't looked back since."
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In my spare time I create and experiment with small online bootstrapped business. Some of which have been acquired.

Currently I'm developing my web design skills and learning Webflow to build sites like this.

My other interests include personal finance, Fintech, investing, reading, writing, design, emerging technologies and business.

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Current Role

​I'm currently a Lead Product Manager at ucreate - a startup studio creating some of London's most exciting tech startups. I work with founders and early stage startups helping them bring their ideas to life.

I'm currently also working as the programme lead for our new micro-incubation programme at ucreate. A 6-week, rapid, early-stage launchpad for passionate startup founders wanting to validate their online business idea.

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