Mega Notion Website Kit

All of my Notion Website Kits, Tutorial and inspiration repository
The Mega Notion Website Template Kit contains everything you need to create a website, resume, portfolio personal site or landing page using Notion. It also comes with a tutorial, Popsy optimised template and 65 personal websites for inspiration.
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Notion Component Kit

Built for the creative in mind. A fully customisable Notion Component Kit.
The Notion Component Kit contains over 60 component types to pick and choose from. Create your portfolio, website or resume in a matter of minutes using Notion and share your work online instantly.
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Notion Website

A personal website template pack built with no code using Notion.
The personal website template pack consists of 5 alternative pages. This template pack allows you create a personal website in a matter of minutes for free and share online. You can even add email capture, custom domain name and analytics with third party integrations.
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Website Inspiration

A curated collection of stunning personal websites.
This curated collection of personal websites is my go to list for inspiration. It's taken me over two years to build this list and it contains over 80 of the best, most creative websites i've found online. If you need some creative direction check this Notion list out.

Updated regularly.
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Product Validation

The definitive list of modern, 'Smoke Test' techniques to help test early signs of desirability.
This comprehensive list of 12 Smoke Test techniques can be used to test demand for your product before you have even built it. This list includes:

⏰ Time to create
💪🏼 Validation strength gauge
💰 Setup cost
✅ Advantages
❌ Disadvantages
💼 Business Type
🔗 Examples
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Product Brief Template

The modern product management briefing template built with speed and value at its core.
I studied briefing documents (AKA SoW, PRD's) from some of the best product teams and crafted a modern template to suit you and your teams needs. Best thing is, it requires little resources, but can deliver enormous benefits.
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100+ Research Questions

Rapidly conduct customer or product discovery research with this free repository of example questions.
I built this repository of example questions over the last 6 years to optimise my research process. Quickly search over 100 example questions broken up by each phase of the discovery process. The repository is updated on a regular basis.
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Desktop Wallpapers

A selection of free wallpapers to bring your desktop to life.
Each wallpaper has been created AI as part of an earlier experiment. I've now adjusted the aspect ratio to optimise them as desktop wallpapers. Download all of them and auto rotate them on your wallpapers mac settings and bring a bit of life and inspiration to your desktop.
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Notion Dashboard

A custom dark themed Notion dashboard to boost your productivity in style
I've been using this Notion dashboard for the best part of a year both at work and personally to improve my organisation, increase my productivity and ensure I have access to my to do list, notes and calendar across multiple devices. This minimalistic dark themed template will let you do all of the above, but in style.
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