Whilst building various online businesses I always struggled to get early feedback for new websites, features or prototypes I was working on. At the time I didn't have a large network and most of the other user testing platforms were expensive and geared towards large teams and business.  

So it got me thinking, surely there are others like me - bootstrapped solo founders, and makers who need to test early versions of their apps, website or wireframes.

A few weeks later I built and launched an MVP called BetaTesta. Aiming to simply pair makers with testers.

BetaTesta launched on Product Hunt Sep 17 and continued to gain traction in the months to come. After months of user feedback and validation I decided to build the next phase of the MVP. To focus my efforts in building the next phase I took the platform down and together with ucreate designed a new brand identity and launched the new landing page in Sep 18 whilst we build the new platform.

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For the MVP I took a Weebly template and knocked together all the pages and their structure in a day. I took the coral colour scheme (#f88379) from Monzo and icon pack from illustrio. I created a super basic logo using ucraft's free logo creator.

The logo is one of my favorite aspects of the redesign. We managed to add both the B and the T into the logo by making a subtle T in the pink but with the outline of B. Very subtle and most people over look it but i love it.

A few months later at ucreate we decided to take BetaTesta on as an internal project and rebuild the platform from scratch. One of our talented designers created a brand pack including the new font type, colour pallets, styling etc and also created the new logo. A new landing page was designed and UI's produced for the core features of the platform. We will be continuing to scope, validate and test or designs throughout the development phase.

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