How can we bring back the real sense of community?

Sprawling communities lack the ability to form connections and gravite around a few loudest in the room. In order to build trust we need to know one another on a personal level. It needs to be intimate.

Current "communities" are audiences for their creators. They miss the true meaning of what community is.

We need a bit of spontaneity, serendipity and joy. The ability to expand our network with others outside our social vacuums that you otherwise wouldn't have met.

Somewhere you feel welcome, can share, help and collaborate with others.

We have the tools, we have the moment, and we have the ability. We can challenge ourselves and and our peers to expand our abilities and push our personal boundaries to create things we didn't realise we could. We can create so much more.

True communities and connections can fuel the power of accountability. It’s a driving force encouraging you to achieve more than you otherwise would.

The Creator Club is a virtual space where you feel welcome, where you can learn, share, help and collaborate with other online creatives from around the world.

I believe as a collective we can achieve more.

I don't want to build an audience.... I want to build a true community.

The Creator Club isn't mine, it’s not yours, it ours.