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Retro design meets futuristic technology. Experience the best of both worlds with the Retro VR Headset by VR CORP.
VR CORP VR Headset
None of this is real. This has all been created using AI.
VHS filter MODE
Makes everything you see look like it's been recorded on a VHS tape.

Adjusted the static and distortion to different levels to create different levels of VHS-like effects.
Woman in the 80s wearing a vr headset
Adding an extra layer of sensory stimulation by incorporating various scents to match what you're seeing.

Imagine being able to smell the fresh, crisp scent of a new cassette tape as you explore a virtual 80s record store.
Man in the 80s wearing a vr headset
cassette mode
Integrated into the headset and can play pre-loaded 80s music or upload your own cassette tapes into the player.

Complete with built-in microphone which allows you to record your own tapes.
Woman in the 80s looking over her shoulder wearing a vr headset
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What Our Users Think

See for yourself why our Retro-Futurism VR headset is taking customers on a trip down memory lane.
"I never thought I'd be able to relive my childhood in such an amazing way. With VR Corp's Retro-Futurism, I can play all my favorite 80s video games and feel like I'm really in the arcade again. 10/10 would recommend to any 80s kid looking to relive the glory days."
8-Bit Barry
Self-Proclaimed Video Game Enthusiast
"I always thought that virtual reality was just for gaming but with VR Corp's Retro-Futurism, I can finally experience the 80s in a way that I never thought was possible. The scratch-n-sniff mode really makes it feel like the real thing. This is a must have for any 80s nostalgia lover."
VHS Vivian
80s Nostalgia Junkie
"I never thought I could feel this young again, but with VR Corp's Retro-Futurism, I can relive my teenage years as if it was yesterday. The neon mode is my favorite feature, it's like I'm back at the skating rink."
Scratch-n-Sniff Susan
Smell-O-Vision Supporter

This is not real. This is created by AI.

This is not real. This is created by AI.

This is not real. This is created by AI.

This is not real. This is created by AI.

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