The rest of the world is moving towards subscription and now it’s time for cars. Wagonex is a digital platform delivering car subscriptions direct to consumers.

The car subscription platform that puts you in the driver seat.

Wagonex offers cars on subscription, through its partners, as an alternative to ownership or leasing. Customers can sign up for flexible contracts that run from one month to two years and include insurance, roadside assistance, servicing and maintenance.

Wagonex aims to remove current “pain points” in the industry associated with the normal car buying and ownership process, such as lengthy purchase agreements and servicing costs.

During my time at Wagonex I lead the product team in building out their new B2B white label service for a major european car manufacturer as part of Phase 1 for the 2019 roadmap. We architected an end to end real time insurance quotation API including background and credit check stack from the ground up - ensuring a seamless user experience like no other automotive website of it's kind.  

For Phase 2 we redesigned the existing Wagonex platform implementing a number of UI & UX and performance based improvements. With over a years worth of heatmap, mixpanel event tracking and GA data together with customer feedback we had all the baseline information required to inform us how our users were interacting with the platform, what was working well and what was underperforming.

Summary of work

  • A/B testing the new value proposition
  • Defining the new product strategy for 2019/2020
  • ​Creating customer insight survey and analysis
  • Redesigning the vehicle onboarding flow and
  • Researching third party API integrations
  • Redesigning and optimising the entire front end user experience
  • Redesigning the admin panel user experience for dealerships
  • Working with the new growth team to build a bespoke Martech stack and marketing campaign
  • Implementing the new analytics integrations and user tracking software
  • SEO analysis and competitor research
  • Content marketing review and revised strategy
  • Hiring new product team members

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