BrewBroker is the first online marketplace that will pull together all the services required to develop, brew and packaging beer.

I've been the lead product manager since we began working on the project back in October 2017.

Initially we helped BrewBroker successfully raised their first round of investment on Crowdcube in November 2017 reaching their initial seed funding round of £380,000.

Since then we soft launched the platform at the Craft Beer Rising festival in February 2018 to an incredible reception. Shortly after we opened the platform up to begin allowing trades to our beta platform in September 2018. By the end of 2018 we managed to register 143 buyers, 127 suppliers and 65 tenders through the platform of which 179 quotes were provided.

BrewBroker is currently in the process of closing their next round of investment which will help our expansion efforts into the U.S, in-app messaging functionality, improved contract workflow process and further payment functionality to name just a few.

Carving out a new revolutionary product in a somewhat dated sector has been extremely challenging but yet incredibly rewarding.

Our next challenge is to refine the product based of the mass of user data, feedback and qualitative data we have obtained - with the aim to find product market fit.

You can read more about my involvement as a product manager in this post I wrote for the BrewBroker blog back in May 2018 prior to our soft launch here.

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